The Gospel of Jesus Decoded facebook
The Mystery of Shem

by Michael Bowes

About the Book

It is shocking to consider that traditional and contemporary Christian theology is completely mistaken about the core message of Jesus. The authentic teaching of Jesus reveals the amazing relationship between God, the Universe and humankind; and holds forth the promise of eternal life in communion with the Supreme.  Many fortunate individuals through the centuries have already entered into this sublime condition.  Conscious and constant unity with God is the goal of human evolution and was the core teaching of Jesus.

The true message of Jesus was lost in translation, couched in symbol and concealed by metaphor.  But the innermost secret that was hidden in the ancient Hebrew alphabet and lost in time has been deciphered once again.  The deepest mystery of Christ is hidden within the Hebrew word Shem, which is usually translated as “name”.  The secret of Shem allows the reader to develop an understanding of the original gospel of Jesus and reveals the authentic meaning of the most important Biblical terms such as “kingdom of heaven”, “living water”, “new birth”, “Christ”, and other important cryptic phrases used in the Bible.

Apparently lost for centuries these findings which have been distilled from canonical texts and complimented by evidence from sources worldwide, including the yogic and Vedic tradition, reveal the incredible potential of humanity and have the power to eventually transform mainstream Christian theology.

These findings will certainly spark a lively debate among scholars and laypersons alike.